Technology & Innovation

At the beginning of a new decade, the technology industry is faced with a tricky balancing act: how to continue to drive innovative solutions while grappling with the side effects of those solutions in the global economy. The challenge here is the scale that technology can achieve and the evolutionary aspect of mixing digital and physical worlds.

Industry-wide change is rapid, affecting business models, the competitive landscape, customer types, buying patterns, M&A activity and more. Technology has grown far more complex. Infrastructure product, in the cloud age, have morphed into myriad choices around software-as-a-service applications, data tools, and a stack of evolving technologies, including blockchain, AI, IoT and 5G.

Media is evolving toward an increasingly direct-to-consumer model, as apps, social media, mobile and streaming become preferred formats for information and entertainment delivery. Leaders must keep pace with a unique combination of vision, cross-platform experience, the agility to respond to new sources of data, and – perhaps most importantly – the capacity to build and inspire diverse teams with varied skillsets.

Change in the mobility market is constant with evolving business models for transporting people and goods. As instability increases, competition grows, regulations change and markets shift it becomes more important than ever to ensure that a leadership framework is in place that is capable of identifying potential, driving development, accelerating readiness, and energizing transitions. 5G in particular will leverage and extend the R&D and capital investments made in prior mobile technologies to advance mobile to a platform which delivers the ubiquity, low latency, and adaptability required for future uses.

With the advent of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Internet of Things, it has never been more important for businesses to keep on top of their cybersecurity measures. The Chief Information Security Officer and their team must be able to advise the board and the CEO directly. We can help you build teams with the right competencies and recruit leaders who can balance security requirements with business objectives.

Thanks to the sweeping wave of digitization, everything from software to transportation can now be sold as a service. Digital practices are clashing with older ways of doing business, breaking down geographical boundaries. We provide both digital and legacy companies with the leadership to harness disruption, rather than succumb to it.

What We Do

In view of these dynamics, leaders must focus on innovation and active adaptation. Those who enforce a culture of integrity, sustainability, corporate responsibility, and adaptability—while also focusing on cost optimization, security, market positioning, and operating efficiencies—will ultimately succeed. It is no longer enough to adopt best practices; contemporary leadership must imagine and invent next practices. The global war for talent is real and must be an organizational priority to maintain the pace of innovation needed to compete. At August Leadership, we are well suited to help our clients win that war for talent.

Our Expertise

  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobile and Wireless
  • IoT/IIoT
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Cyber Security
  • Mobility and Automotive

Practice Team

Alastair Paton


Alastair has more than 30 years’ international experience as a business leader, both in major blue chip multinational companies, and in global executive search.

Ami Bhatt


Ami has 30 years experience in search, handling assignments in a range of industries with a strong focus in the consumer goods, retail, sourcing and industrial sectors.

Anke Janssen


Anke has a long-standing career in executive search and has conducted Board level and senior executive mandates across a range of geographies and industry sectors.

Linda Schaler


Linda has over 20 years of executive search experience in Advertising, Marketing, Media & Mobility, Digital Transformation, Life Sciences, and Nonprofit.

Hank Flores


Hank concentrates on assignments for senior leaders who drive growth, typically for companies seeking to improve strategic focus on their customers and consumers. 

Michael Maeder


Michael is Cofounder & Managing Partner of August Leadership in China and IOT ONE, a global IoT consulting practice.

Lukas Beech


Lukas Beech is one of the most influential search consultants in Asia, with about 20 years of deep expertise, especially in the Korean market.

Arne Adrian


Arne specializes in top management positions in trade, FMCG, luxury good and media industries. In addition to executive search Arne leads a personnel diagnostics business called Scan Up AG.

Chun Liew


Chun has more than 12 years executive search experience.

Peter Grech


Peter has over 20 years of experience in an executive search spanning several continents. His expertise includes Insurance, Financial Services, nonprofits, Human Capital, Digital Transformation, Data Analytics, and Risk Management.

Paul Chau


Paul Chau has over two decades of executive search experience, and is highly regarded by clients of his expertise in the technology sector.

Claudia Seidner


Claudia Seidner has many years of experience recruiting for challenging leadership roles in large corporate groups and medium-sized companies. Her focus industries include transportation, tourism and logistics, IT and telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, life science, and renewable energies.

Carilyn Quigley 


Carilyn has started and grown two executive search firms in her search career. These search firms focused in a range of different markets which is the reason that Carilyn now successfully executes senior appointments across a wide range of industries.

Christine Sobhani


Christine Sobhani brings over 20 years of recruitment experience to August Leadership. She is a leader in the talent acquisition and talent management space with a focus in HR and leadership roles across industries.

Gavin O' Malley


Gavin has been working in executive search for the last 13 years, having previously spent 10 years in international and local marketing roles at Unilever.

John Purkiss


John has over 25 years’ experience in executive search. He set up and ran the CFO Practice in Heidrick & Struggles’ London office, and was promoted to Partner. Since then he has recruited senior executives and board members for a wide range of companies.

Jane Feng

Advisory Partner

Jane Feng is an Advisory Partner of August Leadership, based in Shanghai.

James Gathercole 


James has a keen interest in innovative, technology-enabled industrial, healthcare, and consumer businesses. Clients value his deep understanding of the essential leadership characteristics of Chinese executives who succeed in western organisations. 

Mathew Bates


Mathew Bates is a partner leading the education, technology, and government sectors for August Leadership.

Markos Moya


As a Partner at August Leadership, Markos leads operations in Australia. With over 30 years of experience, Markos focuses on the Technology, Private Equity, and Retail industries.

Nicole Kamaleson


Focused on mission-driven or for-purpose organizations, Nicole has advised on C-suite talent transitions, diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI), board/governance, human capital, and organizational development.

Michelle Partipilo


Her experience spans a range of industries and sectors including but not limited to sports & entertainment, technology, not-for-profit, travel/tourism & hospitality, alternative energy and real estate. Functionally, Michelle’s specializes in VP, C-suite, and Board level searches primarily.

Dr. Bruno Weidl


Bruno is a highly experienced and recognized Executive Search/Coaching Consultant, Non Executive Director and serial entrepreneur.

John Durkey


John possesses over 25 years of experience in the retained search industry and has executed assignments across all functional disciplines in the Aerospace & Aviation, Healthcare & Life Sciences and Industrial Technology.

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