Human Capital

Exceptional Human Capital starts with best-in-class diverse talent. We are focused on identifying the best talent in Human Capital and in the Human Resource function through our work in Executive Search.

Dramatic changes have recently transformed the foundation of global business. Companies are confronted by changing market conditions, globalization, digitization, evolving corporate cultures and overall, the future of work. As the business world and operating models continue to transform, the change is being driven by highly sophisticated, data driven, and strategic Human Capital and Human Resource Leadership.

August Leadership’s Human Capital practice provides clients with the broad and deep expertise, credibility, and influence within the Human Capital and Human Resource domain. As trusted advisors to our clients, we have successfully recruited and advised executives across all industry sectors, in all functional areas of Human Resources, globally.

Partnering with our industry sector and geographic specialists globally, our team offers clients unparalleled global coverage in every industry sector and market in the recruitment of elite Human Capital and Human Resource talent.

What We Do

Human Capital is the principal source of value for any organization. It represents the preeminent advantage or obstruction to the value a company can deliver to its customers, shareholders and to its employees. CEOs have come to understand that a “Diverse and Inclusive People First” agenda is the win-win for the business outcomes of their organization, and that of their customers’ and communities.

The strategic planning, selection, development, and empowerment of leadership talent that is precisely aligned with the mission, situation and culture of an organization is the passport to value creation and sustainability.

Human Capital and Human Resource leaders have well-evolved as key talent and value strategists within the C-Suite. No longer strictly value enablers, these leaders are critical to the success of the company’s mission. They are integral to value delivery.

Ensuring the right leaders are situationally well-aligned and empowered as value creators within their own areas, is the crux of an engaged and productive workforce, competitive advantage, sustainable customer partnerships, and the sustainability of any company.

An agile talent landscape, rich in diverse and inclusive perspectives is well-understood by top talent strategists. Business outcomes and value creation begin and end with the right leadership and the right talent strategy.

August Human Capital and Human Resource leaders understand the business, its mission, its moving parts, and priorities. August Human Capital leaders are well-experienced in the complexity of an evolving business agenda and inevitable disruptions. They are well skilled in translating strategy into action. They are capable of planning for a future that is undefined.

These leaders know that top tier talent is their organization’s differentiator. The talent strategy and agenda are critical: a shortage of top talent in an organization puts enterprise value at risk.

We at August Leadership, make it our business to deliver distinctive leaders. Our focus is Identifying and delivering distinguished Human Capital leaders, who align, nurture, and empower their leadership and talent strategy. These are leaders who in turn, deliver on the mission of their company, customers, and workforce, amid ever-changing circumstances and business cycles. Aligning the right Human Capital and Human Resource leaders to your organization is our life’s work.

Our Expertise

  • Human Resource Strategic Business Partners
  • Diversity and Inclusion – Strategy and Implementation
  • Organizational Strategy, Development and Effectiveness
  • Total Rewards & Benefits
  • Total Compensation Including Executive Compensation
  • Talent Acquisition & Retention
  • Talent Management
  • AI, HR Analytics & Big Data
  • Succession Planning
  • Leadership Development & Assessment

Practice Team

Jerry McGrath


Jerry manages searches for HR leaders across diverse industries and organizations, leveraging his three decades of global HR and executive search expertise. 

Piers Marmion


Piers is a Cambridge graduate who following an early career in family office private equity has spent over 25 years in leadership roles in the human capital sectors as a founder entrepreneur, CEO, board director and investor.

Markos Moya


Markos leads operations in Australia. With over 30 years of experience, Markos focuses on the Technology, Private Equity, and Retail industries.

Nicole Kamaleson


Focused on mission-driven or for-purpose organizations, Nicole has led senior executive searches at the Board, C-suite, Vice President, and director levels internationally.

Sarah McGowan


With 25+ years in retail, Sarah brings broad expertise in talent management, learning, diversity and inclusion, and general management.

Karsten Matthes


Karsten excels in executive search with deep industry knowledge in life sciences and healthcare, a global network, and proven consulting and specialist selection expertise.

Rick Helliwell


Rick Helliwell has 25+ years of executive recruitment and HR experience in various business settings, including large corporations, SMEs, startups, and professional services.

Umran Beba


Umran Beba is an experienced senior business executive with general management, talent and diversity background.

Jane Feng

Advisory Partner

Jane Feng is an Advisory Partner of August Leadership, based in Shanghai.

Peter Grech


Peter has over 20 years of experience in an executive search spanning several continents. 

Hank Flores


Hank concentrates on assignments for senior leaders who drive growth, typically for companies seeking to improve strategic focus on their customers and consumers. 

Mrinalini Singh


Highly driven and a perfectionist by nature, Mrinalini is committed to her clients, candidates and colleagues.

Daanish Iqbal


As a highly accomplished relationship builder with a track record of excellence, Daanish has played a pivotal role in placing over 120 CEO and C-level executives in his career.

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