The industrial sector contributes $23.5 trillion to the global economy, accounting for more than 22% of the world employment. This sector has grown tremendously, with companies adopting a more inward-looking approach and recognizing that the customers are increasingly expecting more reliable, transparent, and efficient B2B relationships.

Middle class spending is expected to increase to up to $64 trillion by 2030, accounting for a third of GDP growth. This is mainly driven by the growing consuming classes in emerging economies. As innovations spark additional demand, global manufacturers will have substantial new opportunities—but in a much more uncertain environment. Therefore, to prevent extinction, industrial companies are expected to transform according to the evolving ecosystems, business models, technology, customer expectations, and workforce.

What We Do

Industry leaders see innovation as the key to a future reliant on talent, skill, relationships, and intelligent deals. Thus, the human factor is working in concert with technology to create opportunities, not remove jobs. Global leaders agree that innovation and human capital are the two areas they must strengthen to capitalize on new opportunities. The biggest recruiting challenge for CEOs is attracting people talented in creativity, innovation, leadership, emotional intelligence, problem solving, and adaptability.

Aggressive and deliberate investments, while imperative, are not enough. The next wave of leaders in the industrial sector will build ecosystems that deliver on the promise of analytics and connectivity to maximize efficiency for themselves and their customers. They will get closer to their customers’ needs, creating suites of services and creating new partnerships outside their core specialty areas. They can succeed if they move forward in smart, deliberate strides. At August Leadership, we work with our clients to identify and develop the leaders who can make this a reality.

Our Expertise

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Practice Team

Asad Haider

Founder & CEO

As an innovator, Asad has founded and now leads August Leadership, one of the fastest-growing executive leadership search firms.

Anke Janssen


Anke has a long-standing career in executive search and has conducted board level and senior executive mandates across a range of geographies and industry sectors.

Arne Adrian


Arne specializes in top management positions in trade, FMCG, luxury good and media industries. In addition to executive search, Arne leads a personnel diagnostics business called Scan Up AG.

Chun Liew


Chun has more than 12 years executive search experience.

Carilyn Quigley 


Carilyn built her early executive search career in developing markets where she gained invaluable skills, solving clients’ executive talent challenges.

Lukas Beech


Lukas Beech is one of the most influential search consultants in Asia, with about 20 years of deep expertise, especially in the Korean market.

James Gathercole 


James has a keen interest in innovative, technology-enabled industrial, healthcare, and consumer businesses. Clients value his deep understanding of the essential leadership characteristics of Chinese executives who succeed in western organisations. 

Gavin Cheadle


Gavin specializes in senior-level CXO and Board appointments across the Middle East as an experienced recruitment and executive search professional.

Markos Moya


Markos leads operations in Australia. With over 30 years of experience, Markos focuses on the Technology, Private Equity, and Retail industries.

Walter Lee


Walter has over 30 years of business leadership experience with several MNCs and boards in the Life-Sciences, and healthcare industry. 

Wim van Acker


With 25 years of recruiting experience, Wim has served automotive and diversified manufacturing clients for both publicly and privately held clients.

Waichiro Hayashi


Waichiro offers consultative support and expertise to firms seeking improved performance through leadership change and counseling.

Laura Raynak


Laura brings over 20 years of executive search experience in the life sciences and healthcare industries. 

Eugenio Riquelme


Eugenio brings extensive experience as a search consultant and leadership advisor, specializing in the financial sector across diverse industries and organizational levels. 

Claire Lawson


Claire has spent seventeen years in executive search and focuses on leadership positions in consumer, industrial and professional services.

John Durkey


John possesses over 25 years of experience in the retained search industry and has executed assignments across all functional disciplines in aerospace & aviation, healthcare & life sciences and industrial technology.

Peter Grech


Peter has over 20 years of experience in an executive search spanning several continents. 

Michael Maeder


Michael is Managing Partner of August Leadership in China and co-founder of IOT ONE, a global IoT consulting practice.

Ami Bhatt


Ami has 30 years of diverse industry experience, with a strong focus on consumer goods, retail, sourcing, and industrial sectors.

Jerry McGrath


Jerry manages searches for HR leaders across diverse industries and organizations, leveraging his three decades of global HR and executive search expertise. 

Katarina Dempsey


Katarina is an accomplished executive search professional and has 20-plus years of global experience in management consulting, recruiting, and executive search. 

Daanish Iqbal


As a highly accomplished relationship builder with a track record of excellence, Daanish has played a pivotal role in placing over 120 CEO and C-level executives in his career.

Mary Macleod


As a trusted leadership advisor to boards, Mary chairs the Board & CEO Practice at August Leadership.

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