Private Equity

The world’s leading private equity (PE) firms generate tremendous shareholder returns.

While their investments are not immune to headwinds, they continue to outperform many of the major indices. Without question, much of this success is due to the early identification of outstanding investment opportunities. However, once purchased, the investment must perform. Our experience suggests that the astute equity investor will carefully manage and drive the performance of their investments with a team of seasoned and talented operating partners – people who have a clear view to future success and a track record of leading businesses effectively.

So how do they do it? How can businesses outperform their competition, create value, and realize lasting success? By observing our most successful clients, we have identified several business disciplines that PE owners apply to form a framework for success. While these fundamentals may sound basic, they are not easily achieved.

Let’s take a closer look:

  • They hire senior managers who act like owners
  • They define a clear 3 to 5-year investment thesis and business strategy
  • They make their capital work hard and measure Return on Invested Capital
  • They measure other important value creating activities with an effective dashboard
  • They determine whether senior management is adding or destroying value

Clearly, the first and last items on this list involve finding the right talent to lead the business.

What We Do

Over and again, we hear the following:

  • Equity investors are uniquely time constrained – they value urgency
  • Equity investors often actively manage investments – they value and demand high performance
  • Equity investors measure and reduce risk – they value managers with a strong track record
  • Equity investors focus on results – they want managers who win routinely and overcome obstacles

At August Leadership, we view these challenges as an opportunity. We know where to find the right executives, can assess their potential for success in all circumstances, will properly market the PE opportunity to extremely talented passive candidates, and execute our searches with great speed.

Our Expertise

  • Talent Assessment and Due Diligence
  • Talent Mapping and Pipeline Development
  • Retained Executive Search expertise across multiple industry sectors within a portfolio of businesses

Practice Team

Asad Haider

Founder & CEO

As an innovator, Asad has founded and now leads August Leadership, one of the fastest-growing executive leadership search firms.

Piers Marmion


Piers has spent over 25 years in leadership roles in the human capital sectors as a founder entrepreneur, CEO, board director and investor.

Walter Lee


Walter has over 30 years of business leadership experience with several MNCs and boards in the Life-Sciences, and healthcare industry. 

John Purkiss


John has over 25 years of experience in executive search.  He has recruited senior executives and board members for a wide range of companies.

Eugenio Riquelme


Eugenio brings extensive experience as a search consultant and leadership advisor, specializing in the financial sector across diverse industries and organizational levels. 

Kathy Tompkins


Kathy has more than 25 years of executive search experience in the financial services industry. 

Mathew Bates


Mathew Bates is a partner leading the education, technology, and government sectors for August Leadership.

Hank Flores


Hank concentrates on assignments for senior leaders who drive growth, typically for companies seeking to improve strategic focus on their customers and consumers. 

Ken Greger


With an impressive depth of domestic and international experience, Ken is well-regarded as a thought leader and advisor to the travel and hospitality industry.

Daanish Iqbal


As a highly accomplished relationship builder with a track record of excellence, Daanish has played a pivotal role in placing over 120 CEO and C-level executives.

Markos Moya


Markos leads operations in Australia. With over 25 years of experience, Markos focuses on the Technology, Private Equity, and Retail industries.

Wim van Acker


With 25 years of recruiting experience, Wim has served automotive and diversified manufacturing clients for both publicly and privately held clients.

Thomas Fuller


Thomas Fuller is a seasoned senior leadership advisor and executive search consultant who serves clients across the global Consumer sector.

Kathleen Avery


Kathleen Avery brings over 25 years of experience in executive search and specializes in technology innovation and digital transformation. 

Marina Paganucci


Marina specializes in media & entertainment, digital content, video games, innovation & technology, among others, across the USA, UK, Europe, Middle East, and APAC. 

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