Marketing, Advertising & Digital Transformation

In the span of a single generation, marketing and advertising have gone through a seismic wave of changes, from relying on traditional channels such as broadcast, print and radio to online content driven marketing, leveraging a host of new technologies and platforms to foster customer loyalty and acquisition. The digital age has opened-up vast opportunities for personalized, customer-centric marketing communications and experiences.

As this evolutionary shift continues, marketers and advertisers will have to respond to changes in customer behavior while enabling the transition to digital excellence. This will be achieved through brands advancing customer strategies and the optimization of digital platforms and emerging technologies, together these factors will improve the customer experience. With innovation rapidly driving digital evolution and transformation, it will be interesting to see how these industries continue to adapt and reinvent themselves

What We Do

Marketing is and will continue to be a strategic endeavor. Talented marketing leaders with an affinity for metrics and data are in high demand. Anyone in a senior marketing position will need to understand how to best extract insights from ever-increasing data sources and leverage all available and emerging digital distribution and communication channels. These challenges, opportunities, and complexities in marketing will only increase, creating opportunities for strong leaders to have a significant impact on their organizations. At August Leadership, we help our clients find and develop those strong leaders.

Our Expertise

  • Digital Marketing
  • Consumer Insights
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Social Media
  • Brand Management
  • B2B Marketing

Practice Team

Hank Flores


Hank concentrates on assignments for senior leaders who drive growth, typically for companies seeking to improve strategic focus on their customers and consumers. 

Linda Schaler


Linda has over 20 years of executive search experience in Advertising, Marketing, Media & Mobility, Digital Transformation, Life Sciences, and Nonprofit.

Chun Liew


Chun has more than 12 years executive search experience.

Alastair Paton


Alastair has more than 30 years’ international experience as a business leader, both in major blue chip multinational companies, and in global executive search.

Eva Shaw


Eva has over 23 years of global executive search experience in a variety of industry sectors particularly in the CEE region.

Arne Adrian


Arne specializes in top management positions in trade, FMCG, luxury good and media industries. In addition to executive search Arne leads a personnel diagnostics business called Scan Up AG.

Paul Chau


Paul Chau has over two decades of executive search experience, and is highly regarded by clients of his expertise in the technology sector.

Gavin O' Malley


Gavin has been working in executive search for the last 13 years, having previously spent 10 years in international and local marketing roles at Unilever.

Leon Shivamber

Advisory Partner

Leon Shivamber is an Advisory Partner at August Leadership with a record of building great teams and leading transformation across five continents.

Andrea B. Thomas

Advisory Partner

Andrea B. Thomas is an advisory partner at August Leadership.

Jane Feng

Advisory Partner

Jane Feng is an Advisory Partner of August Leadership, based in Shanghai.

Kevin Howard 


With exceptional depth of expertise in Global Energy and Consumer Products, Kevin delivers transformative leaders and talent that shape and drive the success of organizations in these spaces.

Peter Grech


Peter has over 20 years of experience in an executive search spanning several continents. His expertise includes Insurance, Financial Services, nonprofits, Human Capital, Digital Transformation, Data Analytics, and Risk Management.

Claire Lawson


Claire has spent seventeen years in Executive Search and focuses on leadership positions in Consumer, Industrial and Professional Services.

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