Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Search & Consulting

Dramatic changes have recently transformed the foundation of global business. Companies are confronted by changing market conditions, globalization, digitization, and evolving corporate cultures. A global pandemic has brought even further challenges to the stage together with dramatic gaps of inequality. As August Leadership, we stand for gender and racial equality, pay equity and inclusive workplaces and culture. We stand against racism. Our work with our clients accelerates and optimizes their strategies and initiatives in these areas.

As the eco-systems, business world and operating models continue to transform, the change is being driven by highly sophisticated, data driven, and strategic talent. The diversity of this talent will create a difference and be a competitive edge if they can work in an inclusive environment with principles of equity and fairness being an internal part of their sustainability strategies and ESG goals.

August Leadership’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Search and Consulting practice provides clients with a holistic approach to this space in addition to our direct support to Boards, CEOs and CHROs with the overall understanding of their business in relation to diversity, equity and inclusion. As trusted advisors to our clients, we first understand and assess the needs and then develop a holistic plan. Executive search is only one part of the equation, which is important, but not enough.

Our practice team brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in terms of geographies, functions, levels, organizations and industries.

What We Do

Diversity has a different meaning and approach in different geographies while equity and inclusion carry a more universal meaning. The role of our experts is to understand the global footprint of your organization and business and define the journey to be strategized. Depending on the history and culture of the organization, we provide custom solutions to the overall assignment.

CEOs and Boards have come to understand that a “Diverse and Inclusive People First” agenda is the win-win for the business outcomes of their organization, that of their customers’ and communities.

The strategic planning, selection, development, and empowerment of leadership talent that is precisely aligned with the mission, situation and culture of an organization is the passport to value creation and sustainability.

Ensuring the right leaders are situationally well-aligned and empowered as value creators within their own areas, is the crux of an engaged and productive workforce, competitive advantage, sustainable customer partnerships, and the sustainability of any company.

An agile talent landscape, rich in diverse and inclusive perspectives is well-understood by top talent strategists. Business outcomes and value creation begin and end with the right leadership and the right talent strategy.

Our Expertise

Practice Team

Umran Beba


Umran Beba is an experienced senior business executive with general management, talent and diversity background.

Mary Macleod


As a trusted leadership advisor to boards, Mary chairs the Board & CEO Practice at August Leadership.

Sarah McGowan


With 25+ years in retail, Sarah brings broad expertise in talent management, learning, diversity and inclusion, and general management.

Claire Lawson


Claire has spent seventeen years in executive search and focuses on leadership positions in consumer, industrial and professional services.

Kathy Tompkins


Kathy has more than 25 years of executive search experience in the financial services industry. 

Faiza Savul


Faiza brings 20+ years of global experience in finance, executive search, and consulting, and held senior HR leadership roles.

Victoria Stead


Victoria has over 25 years of executive search and leadership development experience, building diverse teams.

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