About Us

We solve talent leadership challenges

August Leadership was born from a belief that executive search could be better.
Putting clients and candidates first. Focusing on relationships not transactions.

Some of us have spent a lifetime in search. Others joined after holding leading roles in start-ups or large corporations. Several of us are named as the most influential search executives in the world.

We share ambition with our clients, candidates and partners. Our clients range from global multinationals to mid-size fast-growth organizations to pioneering start-ups. Whatever the company, whatever the challenge, we work in partnership to help them succeed. Many of our client relationships span decades.

Diversity is at our core. We come from many countries, backgrounds, and life journeys. We understand how to bring diversity to an organization. We’ve done it for our own firm and we know how to do it for yours. We always strive to present a diverse slate.

We are a team of bold and creative thinkers, unafraid to do things differently.

And we’re enterprising – we’re not burdened by off-limits and commit to complete the search every time.

Our Approach

We created August Leadership united by our mission to think differently about search.

Our clients tell us that what sets us apart:

Lead with Expertise. Our partners lead all projects from start to finish. We bring the best minds together to solve challenges. We think and act as a diverse, agile and global team. We bring extensive industry knowledge and develop a deep understanding of our client’s business, as if we were a member of their team.

Impact & Integrity. Our client’s feel we amplify their core values, a fundamental and essential aspect of representing their brand. Clients repeatedly tell us how much they value our high level of responsiveness. We’re here to do our life’s work and we’ll help you do yours, at the right pace.

Deliver Results. We commit to successful completion of the search every time and finding the right cultural fit. Clients ask us to solve their most challenging leadership talent problems, often those that others have attempted and failed to solve. If it can be done, we will get it done.

We have chosen a name which reflects the caliber of the leaders we partner with.

August is a word that conveys someone that is respected, dignified and impressive.

With decades of experience, we specialize in connecting companies to the very best, ‘August’ leaders.

Rather than naming the company after founders who are no longer with, or relevant to the organization, we chose a simple word to capture the essence of what makes us effective. The best leaders quickly integrate and influence the organizations they join. They create a velocity in business, accelerating growth. That is an August Leader – rare and precious in today’s changing world. When we find one for your business, greatness results.


A life’s work. Work is not just a job, or even a career. It’s part of who we are, the craft we develop and the values we hold. It’s part of the legacy we leave. There’s labor, and there’s the labor of love.

Every search represents a dream. Our clients want to transform their companies and industries. They want to deliver increasing value to their customers, employees, and shareholders. And the candidates we help, dream for a better role, a better career, a better life.

Our Partners come to August Leadership because we believe there is a better way to conduct search – a way that puts clients and candidates first; that focuses on relationships rather than transactions. We’re here to do our life’s work. We’re here for you as you do yours.

We are August.

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