We help organizations take meaningful action on diversity, equity, and inclusion.​

This means a major change in organizations-from just having DE&I as a side function, to a more integrated area of expertise which is part of a long term, sustainability agenda.
It is about having a strategy for diversity, equity and inclusion, managing data and representation, always recruiting the right talent from a diverse slate, inclusive leadership training tools, senior leadership strategic DEI sessions to cohort development programs. August Leadership and our team of experts are ready to partner with you to achieve your long-term DE&I vision.
Unconscious Bias Training
In this program, there will be 2 in person sessions (90 minutes each), and 30 minutes of onboarding video. 6 short videos of 5 minutes for key manager moments and gamified learnings.
Cohort Development Programs
This is a 6 -12 months program with 2 day strategic and leadership advice followed by monthly webinars.
Employee Engagement and Focus Groups
Based on business needs, we will organize and facilitate employee focus groups through pre-aligned questions with the client. We will report back the findings with a proposed action plan and strategic direction.
Senior Leadership Engagement Programs
This program includes a leadership team offsite session, facilitated by our experts, on inclusive leadership, culture shift, setting the direction and action planning.

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