Lead, the Human Way.

We all share the same dream. To build a new kind of leadership firm-that delivers superior results and an unparalleled experience for our clients.from a belief that executive search could be better.

Our story began with a group of leaders. Some of us had decades of experience at premier search and leadership firms; other had come from executive roles at the world's leading corporations. All of us had realized success in our careers; and all of us knew something was missing.

We believed that business could be a beacon of human possibility: a place where people could thrive and realize their greatest potential; a platform for imagination, creativity, and ingenuity to move the world forward.

We believed business should be human. But, too often, leaders create experiences that are transactional and cold. We knew it was time for a new kind of leadership firm.

We unleash the power of human leadership to drive sustainable change in your organization.

Our clients tell us that traditional leadership firms don't deliver a great experience. So we invented one that does.

Our Approach

Our unique model delivers a superior experience to clients and candidates.

Our clients tell us that what sets us apart:

Human Touch. Our industry is obsessed with transactions. We're obsessed with relationships. We deeply understand clients' needs and cultures. It's why we're able to deliver better results.

Collaboration. In an industry characterized by sharp elbows and an 'eat-whatyou- kill' model, our incentive model encourages Partners to work together-so you atways get the best expertise.

Experience. Unlike the pyramid model of other firms Where Partners delegate to a junior team. our P armers are involved and visible at every step-bringing deep industry knowledge and decades of experience.

Synergy. Our world class support team of digital natives brings energy and smarts. Our Partners bring wisdom and experience. Together. they achieve unmatched excellence.

Speed & Agility. We support our Partners with the right resources, freeing their time so they can deliver results twice as fast as the competition.

Unparalleled Candidate Access. We see candidates as humans. not just a collection of capabilities and career experiences. And since we're not burdened by off-limits, we find top talent other firms can't .

Global Mindset. Global isn't just about having offices around the world. It's a mindset. A way of serving clients. Our Partners have no g,eographical constraintsallowing them to deliver global solutions for your global talent needs.

Tenacity. We complete every engagement-delivering an unparalleled experience to your team and the candidates we engage on your behalf.

We have chosen a name which reflects the caliber of the leaders we partner with.

August is a word that conveys someone that is respected, dignified and impressive.

With decades of experience, we specialize in connecting companies to the very best, ‘August’ leaders.

Rather than naming the company after founders who are no longer with, or relevant to the organization, we chose a simple word to capture the essence of what makes us effective. The best leaders quickly integrate and influence the organizations they join. They create a velocity in business, accelerating growth. That is an August Leader – rare and precious in today’s changing world. When we find one for your business, greatness results.


A life’s work. Work is not just a job, or even a career. It’s part of who we are, the craft we develop and the values we hold. It’s part of the legacy we leave. There’s labor, and there’s the labor of love.

Every search represents a dream. Our clients want to transform their companies and industries. They want to deliver increasing value to their customers, employees, and shareholders. And the candidates we help, dream for a better role, a better career, a better life.

Our Partners come to August Leadership because we believe there is a better way to conduct search – a way that puts clients and candidates first; that focuses on relationships rather than transactions. We’re here to do our life’s work. We’re here for you as you do yours.

We are August.

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