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August Leadership Expands Global Energy Practice

January 11, 2023

August Leadership has announced a significant expansion in its Energy Practice, focusing on the future of the Energy business and powering the ambitions of its clients as they shape a sustainable future.

This expansion reflects the executive search firm’s commitment to helping provide clients with tailored talent and leadership solutions to drive innovation and growth. The firm’s global cohort of energy experts is fueling August Leadership’s growing reputation as a thought leader across the entire energy spectrum. The firm is also extending its considerable expertise to helping clients successfully integrate ESG leadership into their business operations and leadership & talent strategies.

Led by key partners in the firm, Gavin Cheadle and Kevin Howard, the practice focuses on the megatrends shaping the future of the key energy industry. The industry has always been at the forefront of innovation, and the key approach to solving its greatest challenges is driven by actionable insights and powering ambition. The practice delivers client-driven solutions led by advanced intel and insights, powered by a deep understanding of clients’ businesses that supports long-term success.

Commenting on the Energy Practice expansion, Howard said, “We understand that success in this changing and challenging Energy business demands more leadership and top talent than ever before.  We help solve the Energy Industry’s toughest leadership, talent, and cultural challenges. We bring the know-how and know-who to deliver the great leaders needed to shape any organization’s success for the changing decades to come.”    

Partner Gavin Cheadle commented,  “The practice unites and consolidates our considerable experience, client roster, and resources in this growing space and will fuel a more robust business footprint for us in Global Energy. It also creates a powerful collaboration network for us to deliver seamlessly across borders, fully unleashing our energy expertise.”

To learn more about the future of the Energy business and August Leadership’s Energy Practice, please visit: https://augustleadership.com/practice/energy/  

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